IMMERSIVE LEARNING : The Apprenticeship of tomorrow

Flavie - 03/09/2021


What did you learn from your last training ? too little ? According to Hermann Ebbinghaus, this is normal, our brain forgets 70% of information only 24 hours after hearing it. This philosopher demonstrates this hypothesis with the « forgetting curve ».

Fortunately, there are alternative ways of learning to retain information in the long term. In recent years, we have seen, among other things, the democratisation of serious games and online training (e-learning). However, each has its strengths and weaknesses...

What if we combined the two? Here is THE miracle learning method: Immersive Learning.

What is Immersive Learning ?

To begin with, this term means "immersive learning". This involves submerging the individual learner in a virtual environment in which he or she will experience realistic situations. How paradoxal!

However, be careful not to confuse E-learning with Immersive learning!

E-learning is distance education using new technologies and the Internet. This type of education has developed strongly in recent years, especially since the beginning of the health crisis, when the practice of teleworking was at its peak. However, this teaching remains classical because the learner stays passive in front of the screen. He watches videos, listens to audios, answers questionnaires... without being really captivated.

In contrast, Immersive Learning is a powerful and fun form of learning that puts the user in active mode. He enters an interactive universe based on a 3D design. He becomes more involved by asking questions of the avatars and putting their knowledge into practice. And mainly, he plays to learn!

In concrete terms, immersive learning offers the possibility of learning 4x faster than in a classroom.

Learning for the future

This new era of training has spread mainly in North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe. It is used by various companies of all sizes.

With the use of tools straight out of the future, companies are modernising and standing out from the crowd. The practice of immersive learning promotes their image both internally and externally. This innovative solution is therefore a real asset for them.

For a company, proposing this virtual solution means offering learners a unique and personalized experience. We can even go as far as customising the content of the courses, the avatars, or else the universe!

More specifically, there is a wide range of features, such as :

And serious games in all this?

In a similar principle we find serious games. These combine both the "serious" side with learning and teaching but also the fun side with the use of video or board games.

Serious games have already proved their worth with the Americans. In 2002, the United States Armed Forces developed the America's Army video game to encourage young people to enlist. It was a real success! The concept has since spread around the world.

In France, many companies have adopted this trend, such as Renault, which trains its dealers in car sales (Renault Academy), Air-France, which helps its teams to prepare their professional interviews, Thalès, which seeks to attract new talent (Moonshield), the SNCF, AXA and many other large groups.

Since immersive learning is a malleable universe, introducing the notion of serious games makes it all the more entertaining, captivating and effective.

Examples of the use of Immersive Learning

Immersive learning is used for different purposes depending on the user, for example to :

Implementing this practice in these institutions offers them the possibility of boosting their enrolment rate, differentiating themselves from competitors, supporting their team, etc.


What did you learn from this article?

In a few words, immersive learning is a fun, unique way of studiying that ensures learning success.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to try this, we invite you to take the plunge, you will not be disappointed!

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