Our mission

in a realistic virtual world,
efficient and true to your brand!

Once upon a time...

In 2017, Florian DARNAND embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure and founded Ubilink, a Grenoble-based start-up specialising in software publishing

Our initial ambition was to democratise the use of digital models of buildings during their operation. But let's look further...

The new generation is influencing the way we reinvent ourselves, which is why we have developed iBIM, a disruptive web application, available on computer, mobile and tablet, which teleports the identity of your premises into a virtual 3D world

By leveraging XR and AI technologies, we now offer innovative and fun solutions to increase awareness, efficiency and productivity to meet the changing needs of customers, users and employees

Ubilink and the XR Industry

The advent of extended reality (XR) is changing the way people experience virtual and physical environments, moving from observation to immersion. At Ubilink, we believe that tomorrow's solutions will involve immersive technologies for greater user engagement

Our approach to Extended Reality (XR) is mainly based on the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) with immersive technologies. We use AI to better understand and accompany users during their journey, providing the right information at the right time. The combination of these technologies provides all the efficiency expected by the users of these innovations.

Whether it is a remote or hybrid use with the real world, Ubilink reinvents user interaction. Using the codes of video games, we offer you a fun and attractive solution

This fast-growing market is gradually becoming part of our daily lives, and Ubilink is exploring its full potential and making it a real added value to its solution

Our values



Our common passion for new technologies and our know-how in software publishing motivate us to bring the most advanced concepts within reach of everyone. We are convinced that the disruption of digital uses is underway through the alliance of the best of cutting-edge technologies. Our playful and immersive approach completes the innovative character of our developments

Our guiding principle is to provide new IT solutions with a unique user experience in order to respond to the problems of today and tomorrow



Ubilink strives to design software with people at its core in order to extend its capabilities and optimise working time. It is important to ensure that technology works for people: the digitalisation of our society forces people to adapt to the latest technologies, and we believe that it is technology that must adapt to human constraints.

Our concern is to create a « humanistic » solution that ensures the economic prosperity of our society while being mindful of its impact on social ties



The security of our customers' data processing is a core value at Ubilink. We are aware of the sensitivity of the data provided by our customers and users, and we strive to put in place the necessary infrastructure and procedures to ensure the security of their data and its anonymous processing.

Ubilink is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All of our customer data is hosted in Europe (France, Germany), the data protection of our provider is certified ISO 27001



Each client is unique, has its own issues and therefore needs to use a solution that is tailored to each need. From design to delivery, we seek to take into account the particularities of your projects and the feedback from your users to ensure an optimal user experience and customer satisfaction.

The customization of our offer is a key element of our approach. Establishing a relationship of trust with our clients to better understand their needs and provide a tailor-made solution is a major challenge.

A new digital era has begun, where ubiquitous technologies are no longer to be suffered but to serve the individual

Join the Ubilink adventure and be part of this digital disruption!

Florian Darnand, Director - Founder