Increase productivity by combining 3D and AI

The volume and heterogeneity of BIM model data make them complex to use in post-construction. Equipped with artificial intelligence, our technical avatars are a real support for your maintenance operations. They are, among other things, capable of providing information on the technical characteristics of a piece of equipment, or of making the building transparent to show its location. Thus, optimise your maintenance time and costs and gain in productivity

Control and monitor IoT data

Hidden in your building, your connected objects share and collect data that is constantly changing. That's why iBIM has developed a secure solution that allows you to visualise them directly in the 3D building and track down any faults. Supervise and control the status of equipment in real time from the application, without technical complexity. Simplify the control of connected objects and improve the management of your building

Follow up on reported incidents

If detected too late, incidents that occur in your building damage your image and can become a real financial burden. iBIM offers you the means to collect and geolocate remarks or problems that have occurred by simply indicating them in the 3D interface. In no time at all, follow up on incident tickets, pass on information to the parties involved and prepare your maintenance interventions in advance. 3D CMMS is the solution to improve your efficiency

Pay back the BIM investment in the long term

The design and modelling costs of a 3D BIM model are expensive and often too little used in post-construction. A real goldmine in its raw state, iBIM democratises BIM by making its information available to all interested parties. With the Revit plugin, export and simplify access to your technical data, then integrate changes in real time. Amortize your investment over the long term and increase your profitability

iBIM Features

Many features are available, feel free to contact us for an exhaustive list.

Discover the main features of iBIM in the following five categories:

Immersive Experience
Artificial Intelligence
Interactive Environment
Inclusive Solution
Administrator Panel