Communicate with your team remotely

Communicate asynchronously with your team to keep up to date with the latest project developments and to facilitate communication between the various stakeholders. No matter where users are, where they are connecting from and from any device. Save on travel costs and help reduce your company's carbon footprint

Save time by reducing errors

Experiment with ideas, hold meetings and collaborate in real time to speed up decision-making. Reduce the error rate due to back-and-forth and interpretation between project stakeholders. Increase the productivity of your collaborators and stakeholders by reducing the number of reviews of your prototypes and BIM models thanks to immersive 3D.

Benefit from a collaborative toolkit

iBIM comes with a suite of tools that empower your team to bring their most utopian ideas to life. It includes real-time chat, file and screen sharing, spatial annotations directly in the virtual world, and much more. Also available is a web-based back-office tool to control your entire virtual world, including interactive objects. After use, your files and latest content are automatically saved in your virtual world. Place your collaborators at the heart of an interactive and immersive solution and observe the progress of the project

Coordinate exchanges with your team

iBIM integrates virtual assistants, meeting facilitators with artificial intelligence, who accompany you and offer a comfortable virtual collaboration experience. They facilitate coordination between the different members of your team by guaranteeing the same level of information to all project stakeholders. As soon as you return to the virtual world, they inform you of changes made in your absence, notes intended for you or any other useful information for the progress of the project

iBIM Features

Many features are available, feel free to contact us for an exhaustive list.

Discover the main features of iBIM in the following five categories:

Immersive Experience
Artificial Intelligence
Interactive Environment
Inclusive Solution
Administrator Panel