Diversify your training offer

Immersive Learning enriches the learner experience by adding depth to the educational experience. Offer a new learning experience with this new kind of learning to stay competitive and attractive. Create unique user interfaces and scenarios specific to your pedagogy. We support you throughout the design and implementation process for optimal immersion.

Make distance learning accessible

One of the main commitments of immersive learning is to provide students with access to more effective training at lower cost. With iBIM, students will be able to work from anywhere at any time, allowing self-paced learning and organisational flexibility. Increase your enrolment rates by attracting learners from France and abroad. You can also monitor their progress from your administration panel.

Engage your students in serious games

We propose to gamify your teaching through serious games dedicated to your training. Developed in collaboration with business experts, we create experiences that put into practice the skills to be acquired through the game, in a progressive manner. Increase the memorization rate of learners thanks to virtual reality to fix the notions, skills and behavioural knowledge learned. Recreate situations that are close to reality to maximise learning through « the experience ».

Increase your return on investment

Figures show a 4x faster learning rate with Immersive Learning. By accelerating the learning process you save time and therefore money with less time-consuming and more effective training. You can also reduce equipment costs by virtualising it. The more people you train, the higher your return on investment in terms of time saved by employees during training.

iBIM Features

Many features are available, feel free to contact us for an exhaustive list.

Discover the main features of iBIM in the following five categories:

Immersive Experience
Artificial Intelligence
Interactive Environment
Inclusive Solution
Administrator Panel