Differentiate yourself from your competitors

Virtual reality offers new perspectives on immersion and interaction with your audience. Engage visitors in an innovative and unique experience by letting them discover the world and history of your organisation. Thanks to the scripting of your locations and speeches, create a strong link with your audience. With iBIM, develop your reputation and put the customer at the centre of your concerns.

Increase your response rate

Today, customer/user relations are a major challenge for organisations. With iBIM, receptionists are available at all times to guide, inform and advise your public according to their specific requests. No more waiting time, your visitors are taken care of instantly, which allows your teams to concentrate on their core business. Ensure efficient customer service throughout their experience, whether on site or remotely.

Promote your services

Numerous studies show that virtual reality provides a higher recall rate than other communication media. Share your media directly in the 3D interface and increase retention of information with your target audience. Stimulate your audience by offering a renewed interactive experience and double your conversion rate. Add value to your services and make them accessible to the largest number of visitors.

Attract a wider customer base

Configurable in the language of your choice, our hosts ensure the development of your organisation internationally. In addition, iBIM is designed to be simple and clear to use and understand. As a result, attract a maximum number of visitors while diversifying the profiles. The video game mechanisms included in the solution immerse users in an immersive universe and extend their time of use.

iBIM Features

Many features are available, feel free to contact us for an exhaustive list.

Discover the main features of iBIM in the following five categories:

Immersive Experience
Artificial Intelligence
Interactive Environment
Inclusive Solution
Administrator Panel