Immersive Experience

Immersive virtual reality is an inescapable added value to gain visibility. Immerse your audience in a 3D virtual universe with a vision as close to reality as possible. Trigger the reactions you expect by using iBIM's immersive technology and make the user an actor in his own world.

Your virtual world is fully customizable, both for the 3D modeling and for the integration of your virtual team, your resources and your business processes. Our goal is to transcribe the life that animates your establishment while preserving your brand image. With our support « Design & Production », get the recommendations you need to make your 3D virtual world a success.

Offer your users to create a 3D avatar dedicated to your virtual world. An editor allows them to customize every aspect of the appearance: from body type to eye color, from haircut to choice of clothes and accessories. An ideal tool for people who want to express their creative minds and bring their ideas to life.

To perfect the feeling of immersion, your sound environment must complement the visual. iBIM is equipped with a sound spatialization system and always brings more realism to your virtual world. Whether it's surrounding noise, the particular sound of equipment, or the voices of avatars, your users will hear them differently depending on their position in 3D space, in accordance with reality.

We are convinced that a memorable virtual reality experience requires the integration of video game mechanisms. Gamification, or other playful concepts, prolongs the time of use and increases the memorization rate (75%), the highest among communication media. Engage your audience more easily to communicate about your brand, products or services.

In a virtual world, freedom of movement is an essential feature of the user experience. iBIM includes different way of moving, from an intuitive use with a simple click on the screen to a more complete version with joysticks or video game controllers. It detects the type of device used and adapts the navigation mode in the virtual world to offer the best comfort of use. Whether novice or advanced users, everyone can move freely in every nook and cranny.

Artificial Intelligence

iBIM integrates virtual assistants whose role is to welcome and guide the public in your virtual world. Driven by a powerful artificial intelligence, they understand and answer all types of questions, providing the right information at the right time. They can take on many roles and are able to show your spaces, services and equipment from a distance. Available 24/7, they can be deployed as a one-stop-shop to handle the influx of visitors. As they develop their skills, they become capable of handling more complex requests. The power of artificial intelligence boosts your virtual world!

The artificial intelligence of virtual assistants is controlled from your administration panel. Improve their skills by validating or correcting the answers they have given or develop their knowledge to respond to new users requests. Your virtual assistants are easily customizable and adaptable to your field of activity.

iBIM is an inclusive solution, capable of adapting to user preferences and making its functionality accessible to the widest possible audience. Virtual assistants include voice recognition technologies (STT : Speech To Text) to record the user request, and speech synthesis (TTS : Text To Speech) to formulate the response to the user.

Virtual assistants are available throughout your visitors' journey, at any time and in any place. Depending on the capabilities they have been given, they can respond to more or less complex requests, or redirect to a more competent host if necessary to act as a one-stop shop. Provide your audience with a personalised and effective user experience.

To develop your multilingual reception capacity or your international presence, our virtual assistants are able to respond to and understand 23 languages, mostly European languages but also Chinese, Japanese and Russian. The language is automatically configured according to the user's device for better user comfort and enhanced proximity.

Interactive Environment

iBIM is a new digital communication channel, and must in fact respond to the high level of interactivity as expected by users. To find out more about equipment or a service, to see a photo or video of a real object, to access a complete manual or an operating status, and even to move and/or modify an object, are all possibilities offered via clickable 3D objects on the virtual world of iBIM. The concept is also enriched with real-time social interaction features. Give your users the opportunity to exchange and learn more about you.

After creating their account and avatar, logged-in users become interactive entities in the virtual world. They also have access to advanced features such as conversation history, offline presence, special roles and privileges, and access to collaborative features. The application's architecture and network infrastructure can accommodate more than 1000 simultaneous users.

Bringing people together in one place has never been easier. Chat with other users or ask virtual assistants directly via live chat. Conversations are saved and synchronized so that they can be initiated in a virtual world and then can be continued offline with the administration tool.

iBIM includes a cloud panel, a web-based back-office tool for storing all types of web-enabled files. PDFs, audios, videos, presentations and even 360° images can be directly imported into your virtual world and linked to a clickable 3D object to make them accessible to your visitors. It is also possible for the users to share their own media in real time in the 3D scene.

The virtual world of iBIM also offers the possibility of interfacing the connected objects of your establishment. Click on their 3D representation to supervise the operating states, follow the evolution of dynamic data and control the setpoints. Benefit from a hybrid solution for controlling the real world via a virtual world.

Inclusive Solution

As a web-based application, iBIM responds to the constraints of time, location and devices. Its ergonomic design makes the application easy to use and understand. The availability of information in several formats, including visual and auditory, makes it an inclusive solution.

Aware that information systems vary from one organisation to another, we strive to make the application interoperable with IT solutions that have web services. Thus, make user requests and data flow to your business tools and vice versa

Connect anytime, anywhere. The iBIM web application, accessible from an internet connection, is available 24/7. Give your users flexibility while reducing travel costs and also help reduce your company's carbon footprint

In order to be available to the greatest number of users, our application guarantees compatibility with the main web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Opera). Thanks to its Responsive Design interface, iBIM is available on all types of devices with a web browser and an internet connection, including smartphones, tablets, computers, smartTVs and VR headsets.

The application is quick to learn thanks to its ease of use. Developed to be intuitive, you will be able to integrate all the possibilities offered by iBIM in no time. Our application is designed so that people who are new to iBIM can get to grips with it as quickly as those who are adept at new technologies.

Administration Tools

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