Transform the shopping experience

The exponential growth of e-commerce requires reinventing the shopping experience in order to create a more personalised and interactive customer journey. iBIM designs virtual showrooms that put your products and/or services into action. Reveal their benefits by projecting your audience into real-life use cases, while remaining at a distance. Stay competitive with this real sales tool that sets you apart from your competitors.

Develop an innovative brand identity

Your brand identity is what defines you to your customers. It must be coherent in each strategic channel chosen. This is why Ubilink accompanies you in your project to create your Virtual Showroom. To communicate on your products and services, offer an engaging experience to your customers! Thanks to virtual reality, they will live a memorable moment in an immersive virtual world. Renew your innovative brand image.

Create a close relationship with your customers

Acquiring a new customer costs much more than retaining your existing customer base. Thanks to commercial avatars, users are accompanied and advised at each stage of their purchasing journey for a unique experience. iBIM collects data on the browsing behaviour of your customers and understands what really interests them. Adapt your sales actions and discourse to their expectations to create a close relationship even at a distance and maximise your customers' satisfaction

Boost your sales and win customers

A satisfied customer is more likely to repeat a positive buying experience with a company. Whether you are in BtoB or BtoC, immerse your customers in your universe. Let them discover your products and/or services through virtual reality for a better information retention. Increase your conversion rate thanks to a better knowledge of your product combined with an immersive and personalised buying experience.

iBIM Features

Many features are available, feel free to contact us for an exhaustive list.

Discover the main features of iBIM in the following five categories:

Immersive Experience
Artificial Intelligence
Interactive Environment
Inclusive Solution
Administrator Panel