Create a unique 3D world, specific to your image, the virtual twin of your site. Thanks to our customization tools and the power of real-time 3D, transcribe your job and the atmosphere of the place in a lively and playful, interactive and immersive universe.

Gérez l’apparence des avatars intelligents de votre équipe ! Habillez-les selon votre dress code, et personnalisez complètement leurs apparences physiques. Choisissez aussi leurs voix, leurs noms et leurs métiers pour façonner votre équipe virtuelle à l’image de votre entreprise.

Media allows you to make interactive (clickable) 3D objects in the 3D scene in order to open your multimedia assets. Whether it's web pages, photos, videos or other multimedia documents, integrate your existing communication media into your 3D universe.

Set places of interest in your spaces so that the avatar communicates information about that location. Then, from a navigation mesh (a network of interconnected points), create routes through different key points for your avatars.

You want to explain a particular know-how? Integrate your business processes by describing the sequence of steps that the avatar and the user will have to follow. From a simple appointment to the illustration of a complex concept by demonstration, it is the avatar who leads the dance!

Dress up your 3D world by adding a custom skybox (360 image) to extend the virtual world beyond your building. Opt for a city, country, mountainous setting or your 360 photo and immerse your visitors more in your environment.

Evolving discourses

Although they are virtual, intelligent avatars play a vital role in the human relationship with your users. Their explanations and exchanges, both written and oral, are multi-lingual. Personalize their words and eloquence, then develop their knowledge with AI.

Personalize your texts! Easily create and edit your avatar phrases. Prepare answers to potential questions from your users and develop the knowledge base of your avatars.

Expand your audience internationally by adding up to 21 languages to your avatars. Translations are synthesized automatically, both for writing and speaking. Many male and female voices are also available.

You have specific vocabulary or acronym or just want to correct the pronunciation of certain words? Create a correspondence dictionary between writing and phonetics, in each language and for each voice.

Personally train your avatars and keep control over their answers, doubts and mistakes made with your users. Validate, modify or delete answers to help artificial intelligence be more efficient and relevant.

User journey

Put the user experience at the heart of your administration and accompany your visitors before, during and after their visits. Open the metaverse door to them and make sure their experience is as pleasant and secure as possible.

Manage access to your virtual worlds with the Access section. Manage user rights as well as their roles, project expiration dates, and even their modes. Create new URLs and turn them into QR codes for your communication media.

Offer your users a communication relay for any questions or difficulties encountered by AI. Develop your proximity to your users and take over when AI does not know how to respond.

iBIM collects a lot of anonymous user data in real time. Get to know your audience better and determine behavioral patterns in order to anticipate and optimize the user journey and/or adapt the speeches of virtual assistants

Ubilink complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and does not use any personal data. Personal data is anonymized or processed by our customers during business processes. All data is hosted on secure European servers.

Project support

To adjust our product to your ecosystem, your needs and your constraints

rely on our customization approach from before, during and after the project.

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Design & Production
Monitoring & Maintenance