Artificial intelligence and virtual reality allow you to create a unique experience and bring many gains, including productivity, notoriety... But to express their full potential, these new technologies are complex to implement. Ubilink can help you create a dedicated experience tailored to your needs and constraints. In order to guarantee you the best of the latest technologies, Ubilink is committed to continuous improvement.

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01.Consulting & Strategy

In the preparatory phase, we analyse your problems and the objective of your virtual experience in order to offer you the best solution. From the audit of your existing media to the scripting of your story, Ubilink advises you in the development of your immersive communication strategy.
The Ubilink team works with you to find the best approaches and messages for your target audience. With its know-how, it brings you its expertise in the creation of an enriched immersive experience as well as in the integration of our disruptive tool in your global communication strategy.
Our concern is to accompany you in the success of your virtual reality experience project.

In order to optimise your immersive communication, we study with you your existing communication media and your business needs. To implement a tool such as iBIM, the audit allows you to improve your communication strategy in harmony with your other media. We provide you with a global visibility of your existing media, as well as recommendations to reinforce your decision-making and create the immersive experience that suits you.

Ubilink helps you to create a memorable experience around your brand universe. We advise you on the design of the avatars' marketing messages as well as on the choice of your 3D environment, the atmosphere to be conveyed and the media to be integrated.

Storytelling has become obsolete... Make way for story living! This marketing trend aims to create a deeper connection between your audience and your brand by giving them an unforgettable experience. This shift from story telling to story living through virtual reality allows you to actively involve your users. Stimulate emotion and create a close bond with your audience.

The Ubilink team combines creativity and technical know-how to produce an engaging experience for your audience. Passionate about the world of video games, we can gamify your virtual world. We work with you to study the obstacles and motivations of the various players to build a solution in line with their expectations. Thus, capture the attention of your users and improve their retention rates.

02.Design & Production

We are convinced that a communication-centred and human collaboration between you and our team is essential for the success of your project. Stakeholder working groups are essential to creating unique and tailored virtual experiences. With an agile approach throughout the development cycle, we ensure that we are always in line with your expectations. Whether it's the 3D visual or textual design of the avatars, offer yourself the virtual world that suits you.

With our expertise in 3D modelling, we create 3D models optimised to real time constraints. We determine the essential landmarks to be integrated so that your users immediately notice your must-haves and find their way around your « digital twin ». Optimise the amount of information in the 3D space so that they only retain the essential.

Capture the mood and atmosphere of your organisation by bringing to life the 3D elements of the virtual world. Our expertise in 3D animation provides « the movement » to models that are often too stiff and cold. So, make a fire crackle in a fireplace, animate a group of avatars in the background and much more for a feeling as close to reality as possible.

We have a catalogue of predefined avatars to choose from for the appearance of your virtual assistants. However, our team is able to design custom avatars in line with your company's identity and dress codes. Find your team in a virtual version as in the real world and give your audience a hybrid experience.

Artificial intelligence is a technology that requires a large database and improves progressively over time after several trainings. Ubilink supports you in the development of a segmented knowledge base, specific to your business. We co-construct powerful speeches to the avatars and deliver an operational artificial intelligence as soon as iBIM goes live. Thanks to our SaaS model, you benefit from the latest updates to our training models for ever more efficient artificial intelligence.

The definition of the user path is essential to offer the most pleasant navigation experience to your audience. We can advise you on the layout of the routes and the determination of the stopping points for your guided virtual tours. The guided tour is a real asset that complements free navigation and offers a quick and easy way to get to grips with your virtual world. Immediately immerse your audience in your world with an optimal retention rate.

The integration of your business processes into the virtual world is the final stage of the project. This involves training virtual assistants and/or using special elements of the 3D space to handle complex tasks specific to your business. Our engineers inspect the different functional stages of a process and the relative tools of your Information System to be integrated. So, whether it's for a reservation, an order, an operation or a training course, the virtual world has no limits!

03.Maintenance & Monitoring

Aware that your establishment, your equipment, your users, your products and services are in constant evolution, your iBIM virtual world must adapt to these changes. To do this, our team is ready to listen to your development projects and advise you on the basis of user metrics. Save time by delegating technical tasks to us and count on us to support you during the operation of your iBIM virtual world..

Our R&D team works daily to develop new features to provide you with an ever more powerful solution. As a web service, you automatically benefit from the latest news, updates and bug fixes without interruption to your users.

In order to respond to changes in your organisation, our team is at your disposal to modify or create new elements in your virtual world. Switching is completely compatible and transparent to your users. Whether it's adding an avatar or modifying the 3D space, iBIM adapts to your changing expectations and demands.

Many events can be added to your daily life. For this, we create ephemeral overlays dedicated to the occasion, which consist of modifying the 3D settings, content and speech of the avatars. Celebrate Christmas, the Olympics, your open days or any other event through your immersive communication strategy.

Taking into account your users' feedback is essential in improving the immersive experience. We bring you our expertise in data analysis and in the navigation behaviour of your visitors in compliance with the RGPD. Thus, optimise your user paths and anticipate their predictive behaviour.

Use cases

Does iBIM functionalities seem too abstract?

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